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    Take a look at our APIs to see what choices are available. Is there an API you can exploit in one of your applications? Use the supplied APIs to quickly construct a fully featured application.

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    Before you can use an API you have to register your application. When you register an application, the application is assigned a unique client ID and client secret. You must use the client ID when you call an API that requires you to identify your application by using a client ID, or a client ID and client secret. Check the API description for the details.

  4. Select a plan

    Finally, now that your application is registered, you need to subscribe to a plan. The plan determines the number of API calls that your application can make. Some plans are free and no approval is required, some require approval, and some require approval and a monthly subscription. Think about what you need and choose the most suitable plan.*Access to UAT and Production  environment is subject to business approvals and other agreements, and is a sole discretion of  The South Indian Bank Ltd.

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